Screaming Mike

Screaming Mike: the funky story    "Funky till you drop": SCREAMING MIKE! Honest, oldskool cross-over; influenced by rock, soul and funk... A very talented and potential band which plays mainly original material. The members of Screaming Mike are young, but already quite experienced. In the past, Screaming Mike has shared the stage with the well-known American band Dog Eat Dog, recorded a video to go with their most popular song "King Of Beers", and worked together with, amongst others, Tessa Boomkamp (Marco Borsato), Jan Wessels (Herman Brood, Metropole Orchestra), Femke Krone (Junkie XL) and Dog Eat Dog (USA).
After a quite silent period, Screaming Mike made their 'comeback' with the release of the awesome single "King Of Beers", a true funk/rock song that was embraced by sk8te scenes not only in their hometown but all over the country. Abroad, an American label released the song on a compilation-CD and distributed it worldwide in over 40 countries!
Currently Screaming Mike is preparing to record their debut-album, which has the working-title "Funky Till You Drop!". This release of this album is scheduled for spring/summer 2007. Until the album is done, the band will perform a limited number of gigs featuring new songs, as well as oldskool Screaming Mike material. It doesn't matter if the band is recording or performing: Screaming Mike is Keeping It Groovy!
Screaming Mike also collaborated with the follow additional musicians in the studio and live on stage:
Tessa Boomkamp (Marco Borsato), Jan Wessels (Herman Brood, Metropole Orchestra), Femke Krone (Junkie XL), Dog Eat Dog (USA), Peter Krako (Twarres), Will Maas (Ilse Delange), Sietse Huisman (Twarres), Serge Bredewold (16 Down), Marcel Visser, Jaap Rogenveen, Jack vd Ven, ENorm, Kevin Stunnenberg, Jocye Dijkgraaf (Elleanore), JC (Flight195), Scorpio (from West-Africa), Lydia v/d Meer, Louis Gerrits (Metropole Orchestra), Astrid Akse, Xander Buvelot, Wietse Koning, Ronald Jonker, Riemer Monsma, Henry Sopacua, Mark Eshuis, Casper van Vulpen, ect.

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