Neon Black

The guys meet in 2004 in the Heavy-metalband Keyser Soze wich was later named Sezpool. After doing a few gigs and recording a demo the guys agree to split up in 2007 due to Legrand leaving the band. After a few talks and a lot of beers Franz, Uli and Pettik decided to go on as a treesome under the name "Neon Black". Neon Black named after the brilliant Nevermore cd "Dreaming Neon Black".
After looking for a singer for a few months Legrand showed his ugly face again and and after doing some oral-work he was back in the band. Lots of new material was written and rehearsed during that time. A second guitarist was found in november 2007. His name is Bart and he's the former guitarist of heavy-metalband ACCELERATE from Zwolle.
We all share the same love and interest in music so this whole band is a match made in Hell...

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