n3rSe have their basis in the Netherlands, Rotterdam but they are coming basically from Greece.
They are Gabriel's brain-child who back in 2003 started in Greece composing songs by himself and trying to set a band to perform them live. This idea brings him to Rotterdam in 2006 and creates n3rSe.  
The precious help of Chrysa's guidance on vocal and production matters, and Dora's friendship and partnership since the beginning of the band, is quite remarkable
2006 : Basic idea born in to Gabriel's mind - arrival to the Netherlands
2007 : Dora meets Gabriel - First lineup - First Rehearsals
2008 : Stathis and Chris join the band - Chrysa takes leading vocal position along with Gabriel
2009 : Concerts across the Netherlands
12-Feb-09 @ Rockcafe Lazarus, Leiden. Last gig with Chris on drums - Immediate replacement by Tim Kesteloo

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