We stay in bed till 12 at least twice a week
We do not mind dirty toilets
We like to drink beer and we feel the danger of alcoholism
We feel guilty sometimes
We envy bands with success but we don't show it
We email a lot
We kinda like 'certain hip-hop'
We download
We watch more TV than we say we do
We deny the fact that we'd like to be succesful
We deny the fact that we fantasize about having a manager
We have principles
We forget about our principles sometimes
We'll do yoga when we hit 35
We are social
We should practice more
We say we can't play guitar and we are proud of it
We tried some stuff with a keyboard
We wish we were a bit more rock 'n' roll on stage
We wear Converse All Stars
We like to 'partay!'
We like eighties patterns
We talk about guy's beards at least once a week
We know at least two graphic designers
We like the font 'Helvetica'
We read Subbacultcha! Magazine
We want to live in Berlin
We smile about this list
We are in the middle of it
We are FLUME

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