De Avond bij Radio Oost

De Avond bij Radio Oost 17 augustus 2022 22:00 - 23:00

22-00-Words-F.R. David 22-03-Green Green Grass-George Ezra 22-06-Shake Your Body-Jacksons 22-10-Dans Heel Dicht Bij Mij (Reggae)-Nick & Simon 22-14-Happy Birthday-Stevie Wonder 22-18-Don't Hold Back-Ilse DeLange 22-21-Knowing Me, Knowing You-Abba 22-25-Eldorado-Drum Theatre 22-29-Make It A Memory-Danny Vera & Krezip 22-32-Would You Be Happier?-Corrs 22-36-Tell Me-Rolling Stones 22-40-Honderd Keer-Suzan & Freek 22-43-Message To My Girl-Split Enz. 22-47-Hold My Hand-Lady Gaga 22-50-Don't Cry Sister-J.J. Cale 22-52-Conquest Of Paradise-Vangelis 22-57-Different Man-Paceshifters