Nachtsessie 13 mei 2022 01:00 - 02:00

01-00-Ruthless Queen-Kayak 01-04-Ghost Town-Benson Boone 01-08-Hero-Mariah Carey 01-12-Soldier On-Di-rect 01-15-Somewhere Down The Crazy River-Robbie Robertson 01-20-Het Werd Zomer-Rob De Nijs 01-24-From The Inside Out-Mari Nusa 01-27-True Colors-Cindy Lauper 01-31-Piano Man-Billy Joel 01-34-Closest Thing To Crazy, The-Katie Melua 01-38-Look Through My Eyes-Phil Collins 01-42-Downtown-Petula Clark 01-45-Jenseits Von Eden-Nino De Angelo 01-49-Sorry-Kyteman 01-52-Racing Car-Air Bubble 01-55-How Come How Long-Babyface & Stevie Wonder 01-59-You Should Probably Leave-Chris Stapleton