Nachtsessie 26 augustus 2022 01:00 - 02:00

01-00-Rider In The Rain-Randy Newman 01-03-It'll Be Okay-Shawn Mendes 01-07-Mijn Houten Hart-Poema's 01-11-Almost-Ilse DeLange 01-15-One Day I'll Fly Away-Randy Crawford 01-20-Streets Of London-Ralph McTell 01-24-I Still Have Faith In You-ABBA 01-29-True-Spandau Ballet 01-35-Time In A Bottle-Jim Croce 01-37-Bubbly-Colbie Caillat 01-40-I Know-Micah & Julia 01-44-It's All Over-Cliff Richard 01-46-Nikita-Elton John 01-51-Grow-Jeangu Macrooy 01-54-Suicide Is Painless-M.A.S.H. 01-57-Your Power-Billie Eilish