Nachtsessie 29 augustus 00:00 - 01:00

00-00-Too Much Heaven-Bee Gees 00-04-Do That To Me One More Time-Captain & Tenille 00-08-In The Stars-Benson Boone 00-12-Guitar Man-Bread 00-15-Am I Losing You Forever-Mai Tai 00-20-Onze Boerderij-Tessa Boomkamp 00-23-Be Alright-Dean Lewis 00-26-Have You Seen Her-Chi-Lites 00-31-Adieu Sweet Bahnhof-Nits 00-36-Rotterdam Or Anywhere-Beautiful South 00-39-Oerend Zacht-Normaal 00-42-All At Once-Whitney Houston 00-46-Pearl's A Singer-Elkie Brooks 00-50-Miracle-Ilse DeLange 00-54-Just A Kiss-Lady Antebellum 00-58-Ik Wil Niet Dat Je Liegt-Paul De Leeuw