Nachtsessie 19 september 2022 04:00 - 05:00

04-00-You Better You Bet-Who 04-05-De Laatste-Ammar & Snelle 04-08-Hound Dog-Elvis Presley 04-10-It Wasn't Me-Shaggy 04-14-These Dreams-Heart 04-18-Drivin Me Home-Karla Carlita 04-21-Hot In The City-Billy Idol 04-25-Hello Turn Your Radio On-Shakespears Sister 04-29-Thousand Miles-The Kid Laroi 04-31-Dr. Love-First Choice 04-35-Ciao Adios-Anne-Marie 04-38-This Is Welfare-Dutch 04-42-Dit Is Jouw Dag-Xander De Buisonje 04-45-I Need To Know-Marc Anthony 04-49-Here Comes The Rain Again-Eurythmics 04-54-If We Only Had The Time-Andy Williams 04-57-I'll Never Not Love You-Michael Bublé